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The Treasure Cove Hotel & Restaurant is located just about 100m from the National Heritage Site in Bel Ombre. The district of Bel Ombre is also home to the mysterious “LA BUSE” Treasure and to Seychelles’ most notorious treasure hunter, Reginald Herbert Cruise Wilkins whose children to this day live down the road “The Treasure Cove”.

Legends have it that in the days of colourful skull-and-crossbones days of Piracy in the 1700’s the granitic islands of Seychelles were visited by pirates  - one of the most notorious Olivier Le Vasseur .

It is believed he was hanged on the French  Island of Reunion on 17th July 1730. The romanticists have it that as the noose was being tightened around his throat, La Buse produced a piece of paper and flung it to the crowd, shouting “find my treasure who can!”

It is believed that this piece of paper that turned out to be a cryptogram and other documents taken from the archives in Mauritius indicate that the La Buse treasure may be situated in here in Bel Ombre.

To this day, prospectors still come and search...

If YOU feel like it, we can walk you down to the site and John Cruise-Wilkins, a treasure hunter will mesmerize you with the

Come dine with us...
Treasure Cove Hotel opened its restaurant, the “Olivier le Vasseur” on 17th November 2013, catering for authentic creole cuisine as well as international cuisine.

Since we opened our doors...
Since opening on 27th October, Treasure Cove has welcomed guests from New York, Washington, Canada, France, Czech Republic,  Switzerland, South Korea, Germany...

Here's what some of them  had to say…
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This is a picture of one of our guests.  He was keen to go fishing - so we arranged to take him to the best spots, where he
caught this beauty, then we showed him how to cook it Seychelles Style... then eat it.
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